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Uvex octo+ technology


8 Giugno 2015
Light-weight means efficient: The newly developed uvex JAKK+ ski helmet is the first, remarkably light-weight, hard shell helmet for freeriders that does not compromise safety and stability. It flies by any of its competition with some ingenious special extras. The newly designed interior with the patented octo+ adaptation system attaches itself firmly to your head and adapts automatically. A new ventilation solution between the helmet and goggle, ensures clear vision all day. Special ventilation channels draw fresh air into the helmet over the custom-made uvex goggles, making fogging up impossible.

Off the slope and into the POW: uvex team riders are always on the move. Be it a contest, film session or new expedition ? the JAKK+ ski helmet by uvex is the first hard shell helmet that meets the high demands of an endless winter. This revolutionary new helmet is extremely impact resistant and light weight at the same time. By saving the weight you increase efficiency and lower the risk of injury during falls with high transverse forces.

First automatic adaptation system for ski helmets

Because every driver has their own head and mind, the helmet needs to adapt to each individual shape ? automatically. Having three different shell sizes in combination with the patented octo+ adaptation system make the uvex JAKK+ particularly versatile. octo+: is an elastic lamellae that encloses the head from all sides and contract after putting the helmet on. The interior of the helmet works like the arms of an octopus. This may sound strange at first, but is truly revolutionary when you take a closer look: octo+ is the FIRST, self-adapting system on the market. octo+ guarantees a comfortable fit in every situation with excellent hold and no slipping, thus increasing safety.
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