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Nordica El Capo


Nordica El Capo

2014 Versione 2015
sci nordica El Capo

Cosa dice l'azienda

El Capo combines the best of Nordica’s groundbreaking all-mountain and big mountain technology to create a ski that takes versatility to a whole new level. An ultra-modern shape with a 107mm waist, All Mountain camROCK, a wood core, two sheets of metal and a tapered tail result in a ski that eats up terrain like nothing else.


misure disponibili: 169,177,185,193

posizione di marcia: No

Raggio: 25m @ 185

Sidecut:137/107/125 @ 185

Terreno:All-mountain, powder


Skis are built to ski powder in ways never before thought possible. With significant rocker in the tip and tail, these skis float effortlessly. By retaining a bit of camber under foot, these skis are still exceptionably stable and track comfortably in all snow conditions. Yes, even on the hard pack! T he very low, broad, “Blunt Nose” design maximizes on edge snow contact while reducing unstable tip vibration that is a common in other rockered skis.

Offers the highest level of performance with a full wood core from tip to tail and two layers of Titanium extending over the edges. This construction comes directly from the World Cup and provides the most precise flex curve as well as maximum power transmission, torsion resistance, and rebound in all conditions.

Il risultato del test NeveItalia

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  • Precisione
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  • Fase Aerea
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“Sci da polvere (powder)...”

Andrea Bergamasco

Andrea Bergamasco Allenatore di 2° livello, Partecipante al FWT

Andrea Bergamasco Andrea Bergamasco Allenatore di 2° livello, Partecipante al FWT