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Courmayeur 2017/2018guarda questo video

Courmayeur 2017/2018

I'm the alps I'm the Monte Blanc I'm Italy I'm Courmayeur Italy at its peak.

28 Settembre 2017
Off-piste snowboarding courmayeur  - cresta youla , 10.03.2016guarda questo video

Off-piste snowboarding courmayeur - cresta youla , 10.03.2016

Romi aka Cuscru in action !!!

26 Aprile 2016
Courmayeur skiing part 2 2016guarda questo video

Courmayeur skiing part 2 2016

I reuploaded this because i forgot about copyright in the first one so ye

24 Aprile 2016
Skiing in italy courmayeurguarda questo video

Skiing in italy courmayeur

skiing with school was truly amazing

10 Aprile 2016
Monte bianco ski_area courmayeurguarda questo video

Monte bianco ski_area courmayeur

gigi et christian Monte Bianco Ski_area Courmayeur immagini panoramiche e video discesa autori ggg65 ospite d'onore Qg dedicato a gaia e greta gianluca e riccardo

26 Marzo 2016
Courmayeur 2016guarda questo video

Courmayeur 2016

Snowboarding and skiing in Courmayeur, Italy at the beginning of March 2016.

20 Marzo 2016
Heliski day in courmayeurguarda questo video

Heliski day in courmayeur

A great day out with some friends doing some heli skiing in Courmayeur. Perfect blue skies and great snow.

16 Marzo 2016
Powder courmayeur 2016guarda questo video

Powder courmayeur 2016

Awesome skiing in Courmayeur, with much powder!

13 Marzo 2016
Tree skiing in courmayeurguarda questo video

Tree skiing in courmayeur

Joakim, Magnus and Niklas. Look at Magnus white nose at 0:02. Strong winds and bad visibility in the pists, but great conditions in the woods.

4 Marzo 2016