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Elan SL Fusion


Elan SL Fusion

sci elan SL Fusion

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A bit more forgiving than the SLX, this ski works for a wider range of advanced skiers. It provides a perfect on piste skiing experience for classic slalom enthusiasts by combining our Amphibio® profile to assure greater edge grip, and faster more direct turns, with Power Spine technology for the optimized transmission of force to the ski. It also has a new lifted binding with improved toe ramps, for faster curve initiation and even better performance and power transmission, and RST Sidewalls, a Laminated Woodcore, and Mono Ti.


misure disponibili: 155,160,165,170

posizione di marcia: No

Raggio: 12,4m @ 165

Sidecut:123/69/107 @ 165

Bindings:ELX 12.0 FUSION


Amphibio, Powerspine, RST Sidewall, Laminated Woodcore, Dual TI

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