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FLOW - omni 2023 snowboard bindings black

299,95 €

the flow omni is a responsive binding for versatile all-mountain riding with an accent on support and comfort. the forgiving yet responsive baseplate and a shorter highback allows for natural movements and offers a great board feel. the expanded eva 2.5° canted footbed and active strap technology double down on comfort and convenience.

like all flow bindings, this one also features a reclining highback, for a super fast and easy speedentry. the asym uniback is a lightweight glass-filled nylon highback. this highback offers a great balance of support and comfort, and a perfect fit to follow the boot contour.

the fuse series is a glass-filled nylon baseplate, with aluminum side wings. this is a slightly softer baseplate compared to the nx2, but still very fun, direct, and responsive. the active strap technology automatically lifts the strap up when you open the reclining highback and tightens again when you close the highback. so getting in and out of your binding is faster and easier than ever.

new eva exokush powerstraps are 3d-shaped for a great fit and cover a large area of your foot for more comfort and control. locking slap ratchet (lsr) buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings any which way you like. whether speedentry with the highback or the classic way via the straps.

featuresglass-filled nylon, rockered fuse-series baseplateglass-filled nylon, asym uniback fuse-series highbackeva exokush powerstrapsaluminium locking slap ratchetsactive strap technology2.5º canted bankbedsnylon offset multidisk (4hp+3hp+channel)

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