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GIRO - Making the Aether MIPS

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GIRO - Making the Aether MIPS

Venerdì 21 Dicembre 2018Autore: GiroSportDesign

Protecting your brain is serious business because your brain is everything you are. So, when it comes to advancing performance and protective capability in cycling helmets, we start with decades of experience. We integrate the latest technologies. And we put the results of that work to the test with unparalleled resources. Because that?s what it takes to meet the needs of riders like you. Riders that won?t stop pushing for further, faster and better than ever before.

The all-new Aether MIPS from Giro, featuring unique MIPS Spherical Technology, is the first-of-its-kind cycling helmet. A work of performance-inspired art that brings together leading industrial design, the latest brain protection technology, and structural engineering advances to create a step forward in head protection. It represents the ultimate in cycling helmets for riders that won't stop pushing boundaries.

Take a look behind the scenes to get a glimpse of what we put into the Aether MIPS, so you can get the most out of your ride.

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