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Rossignol Sin 7

AllMountain FreerideESPERTOFreeride

Rossignol Sin 7

Versione 2015 2016
sci rossignol Sin 7

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Il futuro del freeride. Ora con la nostra premiata tecnologia Air Tip, il nuovo SIN 7 offre un rivoluzionario di backcountry, prestazioni freestyle e freeride, creando il più versatile all-mountain del settore. Il rocker è stato riprogettato, eliminando virtualmente il "tip flap" per una maggiore versatilità all-mountain, pur mantenendo il galleggiamento senza sforzo.
Con 98 millimetri sotto i piedi, il nuovo Sin 7 offre un'incredibile versatilità sia a caccia di prime tracce, esplorando nascondigli backcountry, o semplicemente per un utilizzo All-Mountain.


misure disponibili: 164,172,180,188

posizione di marcia: No

Raggio: 17m @ 172

Sidecut:128/98/118 @ 172

Terreno:70% Powder / 30% All-Mountain


This exclusive Rossignol technology has been masterminded for freeriding and wide open spaces! The tip is filled with air for maximum lightness and built to retain maximum torsional rigidity. The ski's weight is redistributed, the tip is lightened for greater ease, safety and versatility, and the weight is focused in the center of the ski to maximize control and power beneath the skier's feet.

A profile with 50% standard camber in the center of the ski and 50% rocker at the tip and tail. The slight underfoot camber makes the skis grippy on groomed trails. The tip rocker makes its presence felt, giving better flotation in powder and paving the way for new experiences without tiring the skier. The tail rocker gives better steering and control. Powder - Support - Accessibility - Ease - Fun

Very solid construction with reinforced topsheet for more durability. The sidewalls are angled at 30° to reduce inertia and overall weight while improving grip.

This technology developed by our Racing department is used by our international athletes. This World Cup winning fiber is now accessible for Freeriders and combined with ultra light Paulownia wood cores. The complementary duo of technologies gives all skiers the opportunity to get up close and personal with those snow covered peaks and explore new landscapes with absolute composure.

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