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NITRO - arial 2024 snowboard uni

399,95 €

the next level after your first snowboard  . the next level after your first snowboard. the arial board's cam-out camber profile provides you with the stability and pop you need for your ever-advancing skills. without losing the fun, forgiving feel. if you or your protege are looking for a board that offers you high-end technology in small sizes, you'll find it here.riding stylean ideal all-round board for the snowboarding offspring of tomorrow. whether you want to improve your skills in the park or deep snow, or just want to make fast turns on the slopes. this snowboard offers you the necessary features for the step to the next level.shapethe true twin shape is perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that's equally versatile when ridden forward or switch.profilenitro's cam-out camber is a traditional camber profile with early and smooth transitions in nose and tail. as a result, you get a fun and responsive board that enables pinpoint turns yet is forgiving.flexthe soft flex makes the board very flexible, making it a little easier to ride. at higher speeds, however, the board loses some of its stability. additionally, softer boards offer a fun ride and a comfortable ride through any terrain.constructionthe powercore is a lightweight, stable poplar woodcore and offers the perfect mix of flex and response. the premium extruded fh base is very durable, user-friendly and offers good gliding properties even without constant waxing. 

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