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Fischer Vacuum: la seconda pelle

Lo scarpone diventa una seconda pelle. Così viene presentato il nuovo scarpone Fischer all'ISPO di Monaco, grazie a nuovi materiali e ...

Fischer VACUUM FIT - the Process

26 Gennaio 2011
THREE STEPS TO THE RIGHT FIT 1) WARM-UP: Heat up the shell in the VACUUM FIT oven 2) PRE-FIT: Insert foot into preheated shell; put on Cooling Pad and Compression Pad; Adjust the stand position on the VACUUM FIT Station 3) PERFECT FIT AND COOL DOWN: Adjust the entire boot to the anatomy of the foot using compressed air; Use the Cooling Pad to cool it down Find more information on:
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The big mountain tour - la grave - ep. 1guarda questo video

The big mountain tour - la grave - ep. 1

In search of fresh powder, great adventures and unforgettable moments the Völkl skiers Ian McIntosh, Christina Lustenberger, Austin Ros

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Salomon citytrail?guarda questo video

Salomon citytrail?

Find where your local Salomon CITYTRAIL Community Run will be happening this summer and sign-up for free at

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New racetiger speedwall gs and sl uvo presented by rainer schönfelder - former weltcup athleteguarda questo video

New racetiger speedwall gs and sl uvo presented by rainer schönfelder - former weltcup athlete

Rainer Schönfelder -- the former Weltcup athlete presents the new RACETIGER...

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Sense mantra 2guarda questo video
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Sense proguarda questo video

Sense pro

An S-LAB inspired natural motion training and racing shoe offering a balance of protection and underfoot feel.

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X-tourguarda questo video


An agile CITYTRAIL? shoe developed to be your first step toward a more exhilarating urban run.

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X-wind proguarda questo video

X-wind pro

The CITYTRAIL? training shoe that enables you to escape the confines of the same old running routes. With a stable cushioning platform and multi-terrain grip, the X-WIND PRO adapts to your foot and the urban te

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S-lab sense 3 ultraguarda questo video

S-lab sense 3 ultra

The evolution continues from Killian Jornet's input through races like the Western States? 100. Ideal for dry and hot conditions, this ultra-distance trail racing shoe boasts increased durability and stability

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X-screamguarda questo video


Offering a dynamic and cushioned ride, the X-SCREAM is an agile CITYTRAIL? shoe that injects mountain spirit into running in an urban landscape.

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Atomic airtime | jossi, andreas, beau, jackson, nicky and elias | 21.03.14guarda questo video

Atomic airtime | jossi, andreas, beau, jackson, nicky and elias | 21.03.14

After a fun session on the perfect jump at the top of the Absolute Park, Jossi Wells, Andreas Håtveit, Beau-James Wells, Jackson Wells,

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Atomic airtime | andreas, nicky, jossi, beau, jackson and elias | 18.03.14guarda questo video

Atomic airtime | andreas, nicky, jossi, beau, jackson and elias | 18.03.14

Skiing for the love of it; Jossi Wells, Beau-James Wells, Elias Ambühl and Andreas Håtveit left the hectic schedule and stress of the O

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Atomic / nordic diaries - birkebeinerguarda questo video

Atomic / nordic diaries - birkebeiner

Birkebeiner Ski Race is like no other cross country skiing event in the world. Joining the remote village of Rena to the Olympic city L

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Mikaela shiffrin 2013/14guarda questo video

Mikaela shiffrin 2013/14

Watch Mikaela's best moments of her racing season 2013/14. Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Atomic:

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Marcel hirscher 2013/14guarda questo video

Marcel hirscher 2013/14

Watch Marcel Hirscher's best moments of his 2013/14 racing season. Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Atomic: http://

5 18 Marzo 2014 4186 visualizzazioni

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